Sunday, December 17, 2017

Unpunished Corruption

It's too bad the bribery that goes on in Congress can't be prosecuted as a felony. We already knew Nasty Man would make out like a bandit under the Tax Freedom for Billionaires bill, but he's not the only one. Corker sold his vote for a nice piece of the action, too. Digby at Hullabaloo clarifies that since Corker's wealth is only about 50 million bucks, he's obviously needs a special helping hand. Maybe this story will be in the headlines from the day Corker votes until he leaves the Senate, especially in Tennessee, and especially when the race to replace him gets serious.

It's unfortunate for the country, but there's no such thing as a good Republican anymore, at least there aren't any who hold elected office at the state or federal level. Every time I think a good one has finally appeared, I end up disappointed again.

Senator John Corndog of Texas explains that bribing U.S. Senators by cramming tax breaks that benefit them personally into a bill is called cobbling together 51 votes.

Update Monday 10:04 AM: If little Bobby Corker has an ounce of integrity, he'll refuse to vote for the TF4B bill. Same goes for Collins and Flake. Are there three decent Republicans left in Congress? We'll have the answer soon.

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