Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Even More Tanking

Last week, Pussydent (sic) Donnie Double-Dip's favorite popularity poll, Rasmussen, was bad news. Today, the Quinnipiac University national poll was released, and it's even worse. Approval is 33 percent, and disapproval is 61 percent. The usual 5 percent have no opinion they're willing to share. Even though 3 out of 4 Republicans still have their lips planted firmly on his ass, that's less than one-third of all voters. And as with Rasmussen's finding, voters who STRONGLY DISAPPROVE outnumber those who STRONGLY APPROVE by roughly two-to-one (55 percent to 23 percent).

The conventional wisdom has been that the Pussydent's approval needs to stabilize in the mid-30's; that would indicate the GOP base was still wandering around in their typical oblivious stupor as far as Double-Dip was concerned. If he's inching down toward the high 20's (and he is), Donnie's probably seeing the early stages of erosion among members of his zombie cult, which he's in no position to compensate for somewhere else.

Added 7:04 PM: The Russians are pissed off that they wasted so much time and effort to elect a fucking weakling, so add them to the disapproval total. When Vladimir Putin writes Donnie off as a pussy, that's trouble with a capital T. 

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