Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Newt News

In the most recent debate, Newtie told his backup group, the Blowfish, that he'd go out on a limb by taking a reasonable, sensible, even compassionate position on the issue of illegal immigrants. Occasions when Newtie says something with which I can remotely agree are rare, but this was one of them. The latest speculation is that being sane and sensible will diminish his support among the tea people and other bottom-feeding scum who register to vote Republican, and if the past twenty years are an indication, maybe it will. On the other hand, if Newtie says things that seem rational and compassionate often enough, and gets away with it, he may be motivated to become a better president than we have any right to expect.

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Dedicated to Jim Ferguson. If you don't know who Jim Ferguson is, you (a) haven't seen The Missouri Breaks, or (b) have an inadequate ability to fully assimilate movie trivia.