Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Please, just shut up.

According to Kellyanne Conway, the reason her candidate is trailing Mrs. Clinton in public opinion polls is that people are embarrassed or ashamed to admit to another human being that they really plan to vote for Dump. He does much better in online polls when his fans aren't talking to another person.

This is more of Conway's bullshit. She's been squirting it out for years. But even if it was true, people refusing to admit they like him says a lot about how rotten Dump is.

Maybe Kellyanne should just zip it, once and for all.

Monday, August 22, 2016

Mister Moderate? Whatever.

Dump has based his entire presidential run on an undisguised appeal to ignorant low-income white yahoos, white nationalist radicals, and crazy old white geezers who are scared of everyone who isn't a crazy old white geezer. His supporters include some of the worst scumbags in the country, and a few million people who wouldn't be allowed to vote if I was making the rules for the universe.

Dump's approach served him well in the Republican primaries, when he steamrolled the other fifteen or so stinking losers who wanted the nomination.

Now Dump is the one getting steamrolled, and suddenly the worthless jack-wad is trying to moderate his image and his message. I'm guessing that Dump pretending to be Mitt Romney is going to be a hard sell, and I can't imagine it going over well with audience members who want a wall built along the southern border and about 11 million Mexicans and Muslims sent back to where they came from.

Added 12:24 PM on Tuesday 23 August:

Washington Monthly documents Dump's shifting position on immigration and deportation. Makes me wonder just how long he can imitate Mitt before the neo-Nazis start to abandon him.

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Geezer Power

Copied from Daily Kos, regarding data from a PPP poll of Texas voters. Cheesy leads HRC by six points overall, but...

"Trump's lead is based entirely on his holding a 63-33 advantage among seniors. With voters under 65, Clinton leads him 49-45. And when you look just specifically at voters under 45, Clinton leads Trump 60-35. Older voters are overwhelmingly responsible for the Republican advantage in Texas, and generational change is likely to help Democrats become more competitive."

Another confirmation of something we already suspected. The Republican Party depends upon the same geezers who keep Fox News Channel at the top of the cable news totem pole (FNC viewers are mostly white people over age 65).

PS: On the secession issue, 59 percent of Texans want to remain part of the United States, and 26 percent want to secede. Here's what's scary: fifteen percent can't decide. That means four out of ten Texans are at least open to the idea. Dumb fucks.

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Blame the NYT

We all realize that Cheese Dip is not, putting it mildly, a conventional politician. On the other hand, he's a very conventional Republican because when things look bad for him, his default position is that liberal media bias is responsible for his predicament. For two decades, I've been watching for the appearance of Republican politicians who're capable of honest introspection, and I might be able to name 5-6 if I thought about it carefully. Gerald Ford and Bob Dole had the ability to be candid about themselves, and John McCain did for a while, but there haven't been too many lately.

Obviously, Republican voters respond to Cheesy's game. Hell, there's an entire cable news channel that exploits their obsession with liberal media bias, conditioning them to react like lab animals when they hear the stimulus (e.g., code words like Obama, Hillary, Planned Parenthood, gun control, gay marriage, politically correct, IRS, etc). "Liberal media" is a code word sequence that's been used since at least the early 90s, and "New York Times" is another one.

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Subliminal Messages?

Every time I see a picture of Dump, I get a sudden craving for a bowl of nacho cheese dip.

Monday, August 8, 2016

Third Parties

According to FiveThirtyEight, there's good news and bad news for Hillary Clinton.

The bad news is that about 1/3 of Bernie Sanders acolytes are still not solidly behind HRC. The good news is that she's strong enough in the polls that she may not need them anyway.

Other than fucking up the results of opinion polls, do the Greens and Libertarians actually do anything?


Dedicated to Jim Ferguson. If you don't know who Jim Ferguson is, you (a) haven't seen The Missouri Breaks, or (b) have an inadequate ability to fully assimilate movie trivia.