Sunday, June 25, 2017

Berlin 1945 all over again?

The stuff that's being reported at websites like Daily Kos about the daily routine of the so-called precedent (sic) reminds me of Hitler's final days in the bunker. Back then, it was the Fuhrer getting bad news about the Russians.

Like the walls are closing in, huh?

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Hypocrite rhymes with dip o' shit

Salon explains why Mike Pence is a hypocritical piece of dog shit, but then, we already knew that. He's a fucking Republican, isn't he? And that's what they are.

Friday, June 16, 2017


Donnie Two Scoops can't resist the impulse to crap out whatever's rolling around in his mind, either verbally (as when he told a TV interviewer that he fired James Comey because of the Russia investigation) or using Twitter (the rest of the time).

To some degree, this helps him connect with voters who will follow him to the bitter end (roughly 22 percent, if the latest polls are accurate). The downside is he never lets the rest of the country forget he's crazier than a shit-house rat.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

American Gunfire

At 11:48 AM on 23 June 2016, Senator Rand (Rotten Haircut) Paul posted the following judgment on Twitter:
Senator Rand Paul @RandPaul
 11:48 AM - 23 Jun 2016
@Judgenap: Why do we have a Second Amendment? It's not to shoot deer. It's to shoot at the government when it becomes tyrannical!
Which explains today's hottest news story, I guess.

Freedom means shooting at pols.

Update 18 June 6:21 PM: The new version is that this tweet was posted by some staff person who works for Rand Paul. The embarrassing ones are always a staffer's fault.

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Tweet Freak

As we near the end of the so-called precedent's (sic) 21st week as American ruler, it gets more obvious by the day that everything he says and does is focused on preserving the eternal loyalty of the dead-end losers who still adore him, which is roughly 36 percent of voters (if the polls are accurate).

The scary thing about this situation is that the only priority of the entire precedency (sic) is winning the hearts and minds of the very worst people in the country. They're the ones who love the guy because when he goes off, they don't see a mental case --- they see somebody who thinks exactly the way they do. All this insanity Donnie Two Scoops is crapping out in the middle of the living room floor has a purpose.

Added 5:48 PM Wednesday 14 June: Focusing the entire national political agenda on keeping the Donnie Two Scoops supporters satisfied may not be the soundest approach according to Media Matters.

Donnie needs a hug.


Dedicated to Jim Ferguson. If you don't know who Jim Ferguson is, you (a) haven't seen The Missouri Breaks, or (b) have an inadequate ability to fully assimilate movie trivia.