Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Washed out

Just heard the news on the car radio that TAMU's season opener against Louisiana Tech, scheduled for tomorrow in Shreveport, has been postponed due to weather conditions. This means the Aggies will have had no game experience when they play Florida at home next week. With an untried freshman quarterback and a new offensive system, there would probably have been benefits for A&M if they had tested themselves against a so-so opponent before playing an SEC game. I didn't foresee the Aggies beating Florida anyway, but I hoped to get an idea of how good (or bad) they were from the LT game.

Well, we can't always get what we want, but sometimes we get what we need. The La Tech game has been rescheduled for what had been an open date on October 13th, the week before the LSU game. In effect, the Aggies have no open dates between the Florida game and the regular season finale against Missouri. They'll need to avoid injuries since there's no recuperation time in the schedule now. The lone upside is that they get extra time to focus their preparation on the Gators. Whether that produces a win or not... who knows?

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