Wednesday, July 12, 2017

They love Russia

Since last November 8th, I think I must've seen at least 20-30 articles analyzing the people who voted for Donnie Two Scoops and still think he's the best precedent (sic) we've ever had. At the risk of generalizing, there seems to be agreement that their affection for him originates in their fear of change -- they love Donnie Dickdrizzle because they bought his phony promise to personally roll back the years to those happy days when America was controlled almost exclusively by Christian white men, while women, non-whites, non-Christians, and homosexuals knew their place and stayed out of the way.

In short, Donnie promised he'd make America great again by making today's America just like America in 1952, when we didn't have all these civil rights for people who weren't white Christian men, homosexuality and abortions were still crimes, and America depended on coal mines to satisfy its energy needs.

This raises the question: If Trump lovers really want to live in the 1950's, why do they swoon over Putin and Russia? The Russians were our enemy in the happy days. This question has kept me confused, but Washington Monthly is pointing to an explanation that makes sense to me.

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