Thursday, October 13, 2011

Surging ? On paper, maybe.

The latest NBC/WSJ poll shows that the pizza guy is the newest frontrunner in the race for the 2012 Republican nomination. According to reports, he has the support of 27 percent of prospective Republican primary voters, leading runner-up Mittenful by about four points and Perrito by eleven.

My theory is that Herman will never win the party's nomination, much less the presidency. Based on personal observation, I think there are significant numbers of Republican yahoos who hate the N in the White House, but don't want to be accused of bigotry. Telling a pollster that they'll vote for Herman Cain helps them feel better about themselves: "See, this proves I'm not really a racist. I hate Obama because of his far-left ideas, not because he's a N."

The pizza guy understands marketing strategies, and knows there's a demand in the Republican party for blacks who advocate a radical right-wing agenda. Clarence, Condi , now Cain. All have names that start with C as in Conservative. Colin would still be in the group if he'd been radical enough.

Herman's problem is that people who are actually willing to cast votes for a black candidate in a national election are probably not going to choose someone with his political experience and philosophy. Maybe America will prove me wrong, but I doubt it. Still, Herman can ride the tide and enjoy it while it lasts.

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Dedicated to Jim Ferguson. If you don't know who Jim Ferguson is, you (a) haven't seen The Missouri Breaks, or (b) have an inadequate ability to fully assimilate movie trivia.