Saturday, October 22, 2011

Football 2011: Week Seven

In about two hours, the Aggies will play football in Ames, Iowa on ABC. Strange as it seems, the game versus Iowa State falls into the must-win category. Before the season began, my bro and I were discussing expectations for Texas A&M in 2011, and we agreed they should match last year's 9-3 regular season record at a minimum, and preferably improve it by at least one win. At 4-2, the Aggies must run the table to finish 10-2, which seems unlikely with remaining games at Oklahoma and at Kansas State, not to mention possible problem games at Kyle Field against Missouri and the longhorns. If TAMU goes 6-0 over the second half of the season, they'll have earned the Top Ten ranking they started with in August. But if the season is going to be acceptable, the Aggies have to win every game they're supposed to win, and that makes Iowa State a must-win game.

Added 4:18 pm, same day: Halftime score is Aggies 20 Iowa State 7. After four straight games against high-octane teams (Oklahoma State, Arkansas, Texas Tech, and Baylor), it shouldn't have surprised me that the Aggies looked like they were just going through the motions for most of the first half. ISU's first offensive play was a pass that was tipped and intercepted, and it seemed like the Aggies would jump out to a quick 7-0 lead. They wound up settling for a short FG instead, and actually trailed 7-3 at one point. Maybe they'll pump it up a few notches in the third quarter. They'd better.

Added 6:06 pm: Final score Aggies 33 Iowa State 17. It was a 13-10 game in the second half, and TAMU was never able to exercise the degree of domination I wanted to see. They finally stopped Iowa State about a yard short on 4th down and 18 to go, took over with just under four minutes to play, and were able to run out the clock. Whew... it's a win and in the final analysis that's all that matters.

Added 11:28 pm: One of the games I planned to watch tonight was Texas Tech at Oklahoma at 7:00 pm. I expected to relax and enjoy watching the sooners give the sand fleas a first-class ass whipping. Unfortunately, at 7:00 it was raining cats and dogs in Norman and the kickoff was moved back an hour or more, so I watched an old Edward G. Robinson movie on TCM instead. After the movie, I turned on the OU game to see how bad the rout was, and discovered that the fleas had been dishing out the punishment and led 24-7 at the half. I watched part of the third quarter, and it was 31-14 when I decided to call it quits. This has been one strange fucking season so far. 

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